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Drilling Technology

The advanced drilling team has developed multiple types of plasma torches for different applications, such as casing milling and cutting, drilling, and waste treatment. After a large number of tests and design iterations, our steam plasma torches are at cutting-edge level in respect to stability, electrode life, power range, etc.

Both the discharge flow and the discharge process of the plasma torch were numerically simulated and validated with experimental data, in order to optimize plasma torch design.

The plasma torch laboratory is capable of testing rock breaking with 50kW plasma torches on the ground and underwater.

Depending on geological conditions and completion requirements,the injection and production well schematic has been completed. Based on formation lithology and drillability, the low-cost drilling technology for granite is being research,The rock breaking scheme of the combination of  high capability  PDC bit、Air hammer、Roller -PDC composite bit has been completed.