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About ENN Group

Established in 1989, ENN Group is a Chinese conglomerate committed to establishing modern energy systems and improving quality of life. ENN started as an urban gas provider and gradually expanded its business into a range of segments within the natural gas industry including distribution, trade, transportation and storage, production, and intelligent engineering, covering the entire clean energy industry chain and providing customers with intelligent, low-carbon integrated energy solutions. Besides, ENN has also expanded its business into sectors such as real estate, tourism, culture, and health, doing its part to help build a happy habitat for people.

It has a global workforce of over 40,000 employees, with operating revenue reaching 167.6 billion in 2022. Today, ENN serves over 27 million household users and 224,000 enterprises in 21 provinces across China. It owns four publicly traded companies, including ENN Energy (02688.HK), ENN Ecological (600803.SH), ENC Data (603869.SH) and Tibet Tourism (600749.SH).


About ENN Energy Research Institute

The ENN Energy Research Institute is ENN’s innovation engine, which aims to address humanity’s energy challenges in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner. Since its establishment in 2006, the institute has achieved technical innovations and scientific breakthroughs in coal-based low-carbon energy technologies. Its current research interests focus on compact fusion, advanced materials and other carbon-free technologies that would reshape the future of energy.


The Institute houses the State Key Laboratory for Coal-based Low Carbon Energy, the International Scientific and Technological Collaboration Base and the Post-Doctoral and Academician Research Center, etc. We utilize bench scale laboratories, pilot and demonstration plants to achieve optimal scale up to industrial production. 500 scientists and engineers work together in multidisciplinary teams to make possible solutions to critical energy problems of national and global importance. We have participated in over thirty national government-funded R&D programs and acquired 1700 patents as of the end of 2022.



Events Calendar


ENN hosted its first ever symposium on compact fusion technology.

The national key research and development program “MW-Grade Chemical-Looping Catalytic Coal Gasification” was launched.

Hebei Key Laboratory of Compact Fusion was approved to break ground; ENN successfully commissioned the major equipment of the catalytic coal gasification and hydrogasification demonstration plant in Inner Mongolia.

The carbon-free energy technology roadmap was released in conjunction with the compact fusion research project.

Two national standards for upgraded coal were approved with ENN being selected by the editorial board.

ENN’s Deep Geothermal Energy Program was initiated and the primary infrastructure for Catalytic Coal Gasification and Hydrogasification was established.

ENN broke ground on Catalytic Coal Gasification and Hydrogasification demonstration facility in Inner Mongolia.

The Hebei provincial government awarded ENN the “High-level Innovative Team”.

The Ninth International Exhibition of Inventions bestowed the Invention and Entrepreneurship Golden Award to Coal Catalytic Gasification Technology.

The ENN Ubiquitous Energy Machine was connected to the power grid at Yongtangqin station.

The “400 tons/day Process Design Package for Industrial Hydrogasification” and “Municipal Sludge and Hazardous Waste Treatment Using Supercritical Water” earned Hebei Province’s Certification of Scientific and Technological Achievement.

Our filed patents reached 1000.

Coal Gasification Technology earned the Certification of Scientific and Technological Achievements by Hebei Province and ENN Power Technology was established to commercialize micro-turbine technology.

ENN Environmental Protection Co., Ltd was founded to commercialize Supercritical Water Oxidation Technology.

The State Key Laboratory of Coal-based Low Carbon Energy was accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The pilot facility for Catalytic Coal Gasification achieved continuous operation.

ENN was bestowed the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team by the organizer of Hebei’s Giant Plan, a talent sponsor program initiated by the Hebei provincial government.

ENN Energy Eco-city went on-line.

The Hebei government authorized ENN to become an Academic Workstation and its Clean Energy Innovation Team was awarded for excellence from the 11th Five-Year National Science and Technology Plan of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

ENN became an accredited Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for High-level Overseas Talents.

The State Key Laboratory of Coal-Based Low-Carbon Energy was approved to break ground.

ENN proposed the “Ubiquitous Energy Internet” concept.

The Coal-Based Clean Energy Production and Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology earned the Certification of Scientific and Technological Achievements from Hebei Province.

ENN developed high-efficiency microalgae breeding technology in conjunction with establishing the first industrial algae seed base.

ENN became a State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Center.

ENN became a founding member of the "International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base".

ENN successfully debuted at the Shanghai World Expo.

ENN broke ground on thin-film photovoltaic panel production.

The no-shaft underground coal gasification project was initiated.

ENN in partnership with the China University of Petroleum established a Masters and Doctoral Graduate Co-Cultivation Workstation.

The ENN Energy Research Institute was established.

ENN was authorized to become one of the postdoctoral work stations by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China.

ENN was authorized to become one of the Hebei Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers by the Hebei government.

Minsheng LIU (刘敏胜) 

Dr. Minsheng LIU received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Tsinghua University. He joined ENN in 2007 and has since been dedicated to various R&D activities, including microalgae bio-energy, energy storage, and fusion technologies. Currently, he serves as the President of ENN Energy Research Institute and the Director of Fusion Technology R&D Center. In these roles, he is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating all aspects of internal research efforts and collaborations with academia and external R&D partners.

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