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Compact Fusion Technology

Fusion is a nuclear reaction in which some light nucleus fuse with some other light nucleus, while releasing abundant amounts of energy. Fusion has been called one of the most important clean energy sources and developmental goals. In order to meet the growing requirements of safe, environmentally sound and efficient distributed power source, ENN is dedicated to research and development of economical, compact fusion technology. ENN aims to deliver clean commercial fusion electricity and heat to customers and radically improve its energy supply network.

ENN is building a world first-class fusion energy research platform and supporting laboratories, as well as an international exchange center for fusion technology development. Excellent working environment and facilities will be provided for experts and researchers of the world fusion energy community. ENN will fully recognize and learn from the great accomplishments of fusion institutions, home and abroad; focus on compact fusion technology and its application; drive innovation; develop talents; and endeavor to realize commercial fusion power in a timely manner. 

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