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Thermoelectric Materials

Technical Principle
A thermoelectric device is able to directly convert thermal energy into electric energy (Seebeck effect) and vice versa (Peltier effect) based on semiconductor p-n junction pairs.

The thermal energy can be directly converted into electric energy according to the characteristics of the material. There are no moving parts and noise in the energy conversion process. It can be used to make thermoelectric generators or electric refrigeration devices. The thermoelectric devices have multiple advantages of simple structure, light weight, small size, no moving parts, long life, high safety, cleanliness and environment friendly. It is promising to pave the way for the development of green consumer goods and industrial products and to promote the sustainable development of the national economy.

Technology Status
We have the comprehensive capability to design, prepare and fabricate the thermoelectric materials, modules and integrated devices, which apply to the middle and high temperature range.
1. Stable thermoelectric material with a high ZT value of 1.3;
2. An 50×50×7 mm sized thermoelectric module with a high output power of above 30W for a reliably long time operation and a high thermoelectric conversion efficiency of up to ~8-9%;
3. An integrated thermoelectric device with a stably high total output power of 200W.

We have accomplished the development of the whole complete flow of thermoelectric module preparation and thermoelectric device integration. It is among the few top-ranked high-tech enterprises and research institutes who have the capability of doing application level thermoelectric material, modules and devices.

We have the capability to design and develop various types of thermoelectric conversion devices for different practical applications, that is, collection and reuse of waste heat from flue gas pipes and heat pipes, internal combustion engine exhaust pipes, etc. The advanced thermoelectric technology is promising to recover waste energy, reduce environmental pollution and improve efficiency of the comprehensive energy utilization.

Thermoelectric devices designed for different application scenarios

Device advantages
1. Patented anti-diffusion technology to achieve a stable performance with a long module life time;
2. A thermoelectric module with a high energy conversion efficiency, capable of full utilization of thermal energy;
3. Convenient assembly and disassembly of various devices from modules, advantageous for ladder utilization of energy.